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Hello everybody! I am looking for a lot of feedback so please don't hold back. I've had a few set backs but this is the first layer of my script. I'd love to hear your opinions so that i can tweak and fix things I might've missed. what I'm looking help for with is structuring the script, so please, information on improving the format would be very helpful. Thank you so much and best of luck to everyone :)

Step 1: Selecting your script

I chose the poem "Wendell P. Bloyd" from Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology because i wanted to explore the battle of good and evil but at same time leave the reader with some sort of grey area. also I am not focusing on an excerpt of the poem but on the poem as whole, just adding ideas around whats already there. My main focus is faith and religion, is it all a plan? or do we make it ourselves.

Step 2: Drafting your screenplay

First Draft:

Second Draft:

Third draft: or use second link. 

Final draftt:

Step 3: Writing your logline

on a dark night, a catholic guard and a tortured inmate discuss Gods true plan. Which one has the raw end of the deal?

first and second draft: I've read the feedback given and i tried to incorporate most of it into the story. Please continue reading and tell me what you guys think? feedback is very much appreciated guys!

For the final draft i focused on formatting. I know many have stated issues with the format and for that i do apologize. I tried my best  to format at it with the little resources i have. its still not as perfect as i'd like it to be but thats as far as my laptop can go. either way thank you guys for all of the feed back! 

finally I wanted to talk about the title. The title itself is part of story, I did not just pick something i liked or a simple representation. The title comes from a song of the same name by the band kings of leon and I feel as if it helps the understanding of the mood, the characters and their internal battles. I encourage whoever reads the screenplay to hear the song after they are done with the story. it might help you understand the mood i am trying to create. (acoustic) (original)


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