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Last Life

I wanted to try something I'd never done before for this project. I love videogames so I wanted to try and make something 8-bit. Using this for proportion and inspiration, I turned my grid on and made the black outline with the rectangle tool. I made a fill path for the base color of the inside of the heart, then made a new layer and switched back to the rectangle tool to work on the shiny parts. This was the hardest part for me, and took a bit of trial and error. After I finished that, I thought it still looked a bit empty, so I decided to make some cracks down the middle, still using the rectangle tool. By the time I was finished I had about 100 layers (no joke) so I rasterized and merged all of them. I wanted my broken heart to drip blood, so I selected the polygon tool and set it to 4 sides to make some diamond drips. Then I used the ellipse tool for the pool/well it was going to drip into. For the background I made a radial gradient of white and red. To finish I added layer effects: drop shadow for the heart; stroke, drop shadow, and gradient to the drippys; and stroke, inner shadow, and gradient for the pool.


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