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Lindsay Reinholt

Graphic Designer



Last Fling Bachelorette Party Pattern

I really loved using the bold colors! It gave a much more festive feel to the pattern. The invitation unfolded to be 11x17 in size (to play up the "The is Gonna Be Big"), and I was able to use the pattern on the whole back side of the invitation. So glad I found this class, I always found pattern design to be intimidating, but I learned a lot! 



Final Pattern Repeating:


I changed a lot of the pattern elements as well as the colors. I wanted to use icons to create an itinerary and felt like they needed to be repeated in the pattern. (Plus I created a I needed to incorporate the Chippendale icon as many times as possible :) haha So here is my final Pattern: 


Here is the first pattern, I stuck with the all pink color scheme. I was liking it okay, but when I started to design the actual invitation, I felt like the colors weren't exactly right.


I'm currently planning my sister's bachelorette party and wanted to incorporate a pattern into the invitation design. I'm drawn to hand drawn elements and want this to be over the top girly, fun and festive...there will be lots of pink!

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