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Last Day At Yellowstone

Hi guys, my name is Mike Sanders and this is my project. (IG:  @mikesandrs)

First off, congratulations to Joe for putting this together. You can tell a lot of work went into this and it really shows through your work. The tutorial was really helpful, and I'm excited for future content if that's your plan.

So for my project, I edited some photos and tried to get a sense of where I like my colors to be. This is from a trip to Yellowstone back in November that I took with my girlfriend and a couple of awesome friends. The plan was to go to Jackson Hole, but with everything snowed over, there wasn't really much to do because the resorts had not opened yet.(I know, great planning on our part.) After staying at the Fireside Cabins, where I strongly recommend staying, we decided to take a trip up north to Yellowstone. The hour drive was quick, but the scenery was covered in a thick fog. We couldn't... even... see the Tetons. I know, great timing! Also, we actually not knowingly went on the last day before the park closed, hence; the title.

Mormon Row barn with the majestic Tetons in the background. (Oh WAIT)


Grand Prismatic area with a couple of friends.


Lewis Falls 11 miles outside the south entrance. (raining the most)


Overall I think this project helped me develop new tools for future content ideas, and I would reccomend this class to anyone looking to better themselves in photography. 


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