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Tommie Ellis






Mission Statment/Slogan : Believe In Man



Lasers&Love is High Fashion meeting Street Wear. 

This is a lifestyle brand, meaning it’s not just something you wear, but rather something you live. Those who love fashion and art can appreciate the designs that cover the garments they wear. I feel that you can't just wake up and throw anything piece of clothing on and call it good, what you wear will reflect yourself. Lasers&Love promotes the meaning of Ying&Yang. Lasers being the everyday battles and struggles you have to go through to get where you want to be. Love is the part where everything you have done has gotten you to a point in your life where you have accomplished your dream. 

  • With the masked tee, its showing a beast that is the drive inside of you. Going along with the BIM (Believe In Man) on the shoulders.

  • Lasers&Love uses Black & White shirts because of the Ying/Yang Good/Bad concept that goes along with the name of Lasers&Love.

Drawing inspiration from art around the world, on TV, outside, from the past, music, and everyday thing we see, Lasers&Love is here to break the barrier between all cultures and people around the world. 

  • Creation or recreation of art is deeply rooted in to this company. "Break the mold, trash the design, and start from scratch" 

Seeing Jeff Staple's proposition video as I was scrolling through Highsnobiety it gave me hope that I would actually be able to get professional advice and pointers to be where I want to be with my clothing line. I am up for the challenge and ready to put every ounce of dedication I have in to making this work.

Thank you for the opportunity!

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