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Laser beams and fun

I will be editing this along the learning process.  But to quickly summarize, this project is a learning experience that wants with all of its might to be a business startup.



I have some basic coding knowledge, but I'm new to web apps.  I'm always open to suggestions so feel free to share any insight.

Update 1 (3/31/13):

Well, I decided that working on a project on a laptop with no  battery life may not have been the best decision.  As a result, it seemed like a "good idea" to start afresh for extra practice (or something silly like that).

New Heroku Page:

New GitHub:

The project is still in it's experimental phase and hasn't found it's calling in life.  Hopefully some time around other programs and a trip out to the digital country will clear it's mind.  Maybe then it will finally settle down and start a nice family of applications.


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