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Las Vegas Playground

UPDATE MARCH 20, 2015:

Went out and sampled some shots at night and tried to do buildings and motion.

This is of the monorail at The Aria at CityCenter.  I know that the motion blur is probably too long but I just liked how clean the lines are on the rails even if there's a blur.  Plus, you don't know if it's coming or going which I thought was cool.

Next is couple building shots. I actually enjoyed doing the building shots.  Something about it creates space to where I feel the need to put text next to it like it's a poster or something.  Here's 2 shots of City Center, I believe one is the Mandarin and the other is The Vdara.

First test shot...

So I chose to submit this photo because this is the first time I attempted at doing one of the required shots for the project.  Unfortunately I shot this using my iphone.  But my main focus was composition.  My first though was to get a view that could capture constant motion.  Then I saw this view of the three signs and chose that as my starting point I guess.  Then I tried playing with horizon lines and tried to use the rule of thirds when lining up horizon lines.  I had a bunch of people I took of all sorts but they were all your typical hungover party goers and then I saw this guy.  Was quick to get to his destination, looked determined and I thought that was funny because you're in Vegas.  

Post edit I played with VSCO app.  First I chose the filter, I honestly forgot which one, I think it waas one of the Hypebeast filters.  Then I tried playing with the rotation but top and bottom lines couldn't match up so I chose the bottom one to line up I think.  

This was a practice shot to see if I can get what the concepts are about in this class.  I will be doing my project field trip to the Las Vegas Strip hopefully this week.  I'll be using just a Sony NEX-5 but I'll also be bringing along my Contax T3 35mm camera with a Ektar 100 since I'll be going during bright daylight.

Will keep posted.  Thanks to all who read and critiqued.  My level is noob in photography.  Still working on how to compose and capture a story in a frame.



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