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Las Vegas (Step 3)

Welcome to my project!

Just messing around now ...


I flew to Las Vegas over the weekend & visited a few iconic places for mid-century modern & atomic-inspired architecture & signage. 

First, I visited the Neon Museum (or Neon Boneyard, as the locals call it). It featured signs from many mid-cent. modern casinos - during the Vegas heyday! The stars & colors of my postcard are inspired by the stardust (which was inspired by the atomic activities that took place in Nevada). I also saw that building imploded, and it's very special to me. 

Next, I visited the butterfly houses. (think the movie "casino". . . the houses shown were in this neighborhood behind the Boulevard mall. I had a good friend who lived there. Amazing time capsule of Vegas history, for sure. 

Next, the lettering in circles represent the "welcome" from the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. 

The mountains show one of the most important icons of the locals who live in LV. I know they were important to me since I also volunteered at Mt. Charleston on weekends. 


  • Why Vegas?

Vegas is where I spent the last 10 years of my life. I was introduced to new cuisine New culture. A new life. No, I wasn't that person who moved to Vegas to spend all waking hours in a casino. I also didn't think I'd reach fame or fortune here. In fact, I moved there to grow up... to expand my world. Yes, I had an amazing backdrop while I grew up here, but Vegas to me means more than what you probably thought when you saw "Vegas" as my city. Now, to get that to show through in my project.... 

The world was not sure of it's stability during the atomic age, and the architecture, art, and feelings surring this era reflect this with the integration of thoughts of the future (and not the present). Progress and modernity are enveloped in strange lines & colors of the time period. 

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Initial Sketches:


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