Las Hermanas de Tamales (Step 1)

Step 1: Selecting Text

After much deliberation I have decided to go with story VII from Pastures of Heaven, the story of the sisters Maria and Rosa. This was the one, when reading, that I could most vividly visualize. On top of that, the story has many of my favorite elements: dark humor, irony, and strange but lovable characters.

For those who haven't read it, the Lopez sisters' father has recently passed away, leaving them with little money. They decide to start making and selling their mother's famous Spanish food (their mother had passed away years ago). Business is slow to start but the girls remain jolly and hopeful. One day when sister Maria returns home from buying corn husks for their tamales, Rosa has a confession for her. A man came to the house and purchased three enchiladas and ate them all. She was so excited she took him up to her bedroom for some additional encouragement, should he be on the fence about returning. From there both sisters alter thier business plan--and their reputations--to keep the men of the valley coming back for more. The humor in the story comes into play while the girls struggle with thier new "menu item" and their religious beliefs, praying to their statue of Mary after each customer. 

I love the story as is, but I am considering updating it to take place in more modern times. There are a few issues with that, however, and I have to work out if that can be done successfully or not. 

I hope to have my first draft done within the next week. I look forward to getting feedback on it! 


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