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LarzCut | We prepare your tax while you relax at home in your jammies.

Saturday July 12th 2014

  1. Project Name:


     2. Description 

  • LarzCut is your personalized online  tax preparer. We communicate through Skype, email, phone and regular mail.
  • Your "cloud" Tax Preparer.

     3. Why 

  • Less mobility for busy people. LarzCut will solve all your tax problem while you don’t have to go anywhere.
  • Time and money safer.
  • Centralized data. Losing files or papers no more, access your important documents 24/7     securely from anywhere.
  • Daily blog about simple tax tips.
  • Future services: Bookkeeping and Payroll.

     4. Identify the biggest holes in your startup idea

  • Finding customer: How do we get people to use this service.
  • Security: How to gain public trust and confidence to upload and download their important documents.
  • Certification: How to find certified and experienced tax preparer with people skilled oriented.
  • Website: How to build a minimum functional website without spending too much money that integrated with web-based tax software.
  • How to get documents needed from the customer easily. 
  • Other customer needs.

     5. MVP Solutions

  • How to get customer: Contact some local independent tax office, explaining whole idea of how can this start-up can benefit them. (Update: I have found one office with three tax preparer who is willing to participate in San Francisco)
  • How to gain public trust: We are going to use a highly secure cloud  (ex: Amazon S3) to keep their documents safe. Their  data center are staffed 24/7 by trained security guards. Learn more about Amazon S3 security.
  • How to find certified preparer with people skilled oriented: All of LarzCut Tax Preparer are insured, bonded and certified by each states government where they live. Not only that they have to do a yearly continuing education to be able to practice taxes we do background checks and cross reference. We will include an official government link for the prospective customer to verify LarzCut Tax preparer.
  • How to build a minimum functional website: Weebly or LaunchRock will be a good start. After that we will look for a web developer whom needs a FREE tax service as a trade to help with the tax software integration.
  • Documents collection: We will look some app option that available, so people can just take a picture and send them over to the cloud.
  • Offer them a scheduled free consultation as a test drive through skype or FaceTime. Phone and mail are also acceptable.

    6. Actionable Plan

  • Create a brand and basic concept (Prototyping / Mock-up) presentation to attract a local independent Tax Preparer or company.
  • Send some emails to local web developer if they interested to help for the web based tax software integration. We offer them free income tax return service as a trade.
  • Check competitor prices.
  • Market them through tax preparer previous customer, Craigslist and social media. 
  • Goal: 10 leads (customers) in a month.
  • Create a survey to get a feedback.
  • Building a blog (After some reviews), find a writer who needs FREE tax service.
  • Continue enhancing the site. 

So far, this what I did: (It's still a mockup)

PS: To me, launchrock was complicated to use. I will find another services. 

Sunday July 13th 2014

I made another mock-up using weebly. I thought it was easier process to me. I need this web prototype for my presentation to the tax preparer. Wish me luck.

Mobile Version:

* Icons used are from "noun projects" Designed by Simple IconsShmidt Sergey & Thomas Le Bas "


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