Rim Jarbouai

Rim Creative Studio



Large scale textile artworks from upcycled materials

I founded a creative studio providing styling and decorative services, as well as one product:

creating large scale textile artworks, usually on commission, to decorate coffee shops, restaurants, hotels...

Rim Creative Studio: Gives a new life to materials while creating colourful and playful textile artworks.

I'm thinking to add "refined" to it, or "Parisian" (I'm not kidding, I'm Parisian originally!), however it might sound a bit too much. I just would like to be more precise in the description of the feel of the artworks in the USP. 


Superlative: I'm really good at creating things with textile, playing with colours, shapes and textures

Important: The textile/fashion industry is one of the most polluting with all the waste produce

Believable: I have a portfolio of work, so I think it is believable

Memorable: it's not very common to see textile art, at least in Shanghai, where I live

Tangible: my work can be seen in several physical spots, plus later on in my website (currently making it), I also have examples of it hanging on the walls of my home/studio

I'd love your feedback on that please, thank you :)2ab0001d



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