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Large Grazer in Harsh Landscape

Starting off, all I had in mind was that I wanted to create a large grazing animal that lives in a place like Africa on steroids, but without going the more traditional hooved, four-legged mammal type approach. The environment was to be a fantasy grassland, where half the year is a monsoon, with large grasses, and relatively small wide leaved and fruit bearing trees. The other half would be a brutal dry season, where all of the plant life withers up and dies. In the wet season eating grass and being able to obtain leaves and fruit would be an advantage, and in the dry season, being able to digest what tough grasses are left and digging for roots and tubers is good. I knew that I wanted to avoid a more Giraffe, Camel, or grazing mammal design, but other that that I had no clue if I wanted a mammal, a reptile, or what. I came up with these designs.

Some ideas I came up with were that having large fat stores and claws was a good idea for the dry season, while a longer neck and dexterous hands was preferable in the wet. I threw in a long necked ape with a small hump over the shoulders, lizards with fat stores in their tails, Therazinosaurus-esque dinosaur with scizor like hands for striping branches of leaves, and a rodent type thing with a very large hump right over the tail, plus some other things. I wasn't quite sure which design that I liked best, so I decided it would be good to upload what I have here before moving on to Lesson 2.

I did a quick study on an Orangutan to get a feel for drawing an ape for if I did that one. It was pretty difficult with the fur and whatnot, and I'm still not sure I got it 100%, but here is what I have so far.


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