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Lara Porter




Lara's "Why police lie" editorial piece

4 x Thumbnail Concepts:

1) An image of a policeman in profile standing in witness box, his nose is elongated into a pistol barrell and a bullet is shooting out over the heads of the jury watching on - this is to reperesent how his lies can destroy a life.

2) A policeman in court, swearing on a pile of cash instead of the bible. This shows their willingness to commit perjory for greed.

3) A policeman in court swearing to God to tell the truth, with his fingers crossed behind his back. Numbers and dollar signs fill the air around an empty speech bubble.

4) A person on trial is represented by a target practice paper figure, dollar signs replace the usual numbers on the target circles. Having the suspect shown as a target practice figure, makes us think of how he is viewed by the police, complete with dollar signs.

I currently feel that concept number 2 is the strongest, as it needs little explanation. Though i feel concept number 4 is strong too, as focus's on the suspect - which provides a different viewpoint of the article.

Let me know what you think!


My final illustration.

I was a little worried that the pile of cash substituting the Bible may not be recognised easily enough as money, so I incorporated the dollar bills in the stripes of the flag/wallpaper in the background. I hope you like it!


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