Lara Porter




Lara Porter Monogram LP

I have wanted to create a logo to use in my website and on invoices etc for quite a while - but I just wasn't sure how to go about it. Creating a monogram from my initials gave me the perfect starting point...


My sketchbook above shows my thinking and initial thumbnails. The long elongated shapes of the "L" and the "P" allowed for some playful ideas to emerge. I turned them into an illustrator's tools... a pencil and a brush. (I once met an illustrator who had a long pen tattooed on the inside of one forearm and a paintbrush on the other, so cool!)


I then started working in Adobe Illustrator, choosing a variety of different fonts that seemed appropriate for the design I wanted to create. I settled on the Bauhaus 93 as it's a quirky font that flows beautifully and creates some interesting shapes. I also added the pencil "tip" and painting "brush" end.


There were a few stages I haven't included where I was finessing the design and adding colour and texture for interest, but the bottom two monograms were my final choices. I have used them both in my website as I think they each bring a different look and feel to the space they are used in.

Thanks for a really great class Jon!


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