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Laputan Robot

Day 1


After a long time since I watched the videos from Fraser Davidson, I'm gonna push myself to finally animate something. I'm going to use a robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Stay tuned.

Day 2


Here's another session with the robot illustration. The arms and legs are done in After Effects as stroke paths. The hands and feet are made in Illustrator, imported again into AE (via Import Recent Footage). The robot now has all the details I wanted, shading, and rigging—ready for the animation. Though I still have to figure out how to animate the cell shading with the arms and legs. I saw a couple of other projects here that was able to do it.

The arms and legs lines are done using the strokes dash property, adjusting the dash length and gaps. 

The shadow and highlights are made by duplicating the arms and legs, nudging and coloring them, and finally masking via Track Matte. I wish there's a better way.

If you have some tips, please comment below.

Day 3


I've just finished following "Animate the Walk Cycle" parts 1 and 2. Here's the animated arms and legs, with a little more bounce and rotation on the neck, head, body, stomach and crotch.

I still yet to figure out how to attach the hands and feet, along with the cell shading of the arms and legs...

Day 4


And here we are, presenting the final Laputan Robot version. I've added the hands, feet, cell shading, motion blur and 60 fps. The feet are a pain to get the animation right because of it dependent on the legs and crotch rotation. I had to animate the feet frame by frame on parts when they are planted on the ground, thus the weird animation.

It was a very cool learning experience to animate a walking cycle. I will try to make more animations with better movements. Until then, thanks for watching!


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