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Lankk | We create your landing page in 2 days, or FREE!

Thu, Jul 31 2014 (6:04PM)

I would like to think that I am done with the concept. I don't even check the grammar, but I do believe that I understand what it takes to finish this project. I put in all the contents and have followed the 7 golden steps, applied them to build a landing page. 

Any critiques will be appreciated. All total words counted: 616

Thanks for visiting! 

Result at

Thu, Jul 31 2014 (3:29PM)

Slow progress. I looked around for the easiest and most clear prototyping tools on the web. Anyway, I am not an expert, neither a coder. So like a mouse, I tried to find the easiest way to finish this task. I have found Moqups (Web based app that let you do the wireframe mockup of your web project) was pretty easy, useful, FREE (basic account) and fun to be used for me. 30 minutes later, done! 

Oh, forgot:  I did a rough sketch before hand. Then I did a check list for:

7 Important Elements of a landing page

  1. Headline (Check)

  2. Call To Action The Only Green Button (Check)

  3. Features & Benefits (Check)

  4. Credibility  (Check)

  5. Social Proof  (Check)

  6. Risk Reversal  (Check)

  7. Frequently Asked Questions (Check)

Fri, Jul 25th 2014

Hello , what a fun class . My objective is to create a landing page for a start-up company that produces landing pages from a scratch .  I made up a brand for this project called: LANKK.

Below is my thinking process so far: 

  • Headline

We createlanding page for you in 2 days or FREE! (Benefit + time )

Sub-Headline: Well written & Beautifully designed landing page for your web project within 2 working days or, pay NOTHING

  • Features & Benefit:

Title: Words mean nothing , Would you please tell me more .

 Sub: You will get , Html5 and CSS3 files ready , SEO friendly well written words , gorgeous unique layout and design . 

          Features title and benefit:

-SEO? Who cares? : You should . Your clear message from the headline to call-to-action will give you a big impact . A choice of a good words can help your product or service to get more exposure in the web jungle .

- Professionally designed: You want to be clear and simple . Design for landing-page takes a specific approach . This process will be tailored to your need . We are listening and work for you until you are satisfied . Oh yeah, responsive html and css files lay-out are included. 

-Copywriter? I can write!: Yes , You can . When you are selling , You need to convince someone else beside yourself . A good copywriter understands on knowing how to get these specific jobs done , and believes in narrative persuasion . You do not want to copy and paste words from other sites . 

-There are tons of services like this: Correct. We combined more than fifty years designs , marketing , coding and copywriting experience together to help you creating a finished product . What you pay also is our expertise. You need to work with someone friendly and understand you . You are unique , not a machine . 

-Is it really 2 days ? : We are starting to work on your project as soon as you fill up our interactive form . It takes 48 hours or less for us to re-write your data , designed and finalized your masterpiece . Just make sure to complete the questionnaire as much as you can. 

- What if I don’t like it?: No problem. We give you three-time revisions . We believe that is enough time for us to find a solution to the gap . Maybe you have an idea such a picture or a link that speaks to you in a way we cannot understand ? Send us as well on the questionnaire . 

  • Rule of Three :

Title: I am in ! Let's do this ! 

Subtitle: Yay!  we are glad to help. This is how we do it: 

1. Interview

Sign-up with your email account , fill up the form . Take your time . This part of this process is very important . There are interactive instructions in the form to help . 

2. Processing

We are kicking you out for a while ; ) . We have gathered information and start to work on your project . We will notify you by email when it's done !

3. Finishing

The time has come At this stage you have your landing page already . Please have a Look at it , let us know if you have any complain.


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