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Language Arts Projects or Metaphor

Language Arts Projects or Metaphor is a project brand that gives colour to the world. Language Arts Projects/Metaphor works to produces specific products like crayons, colouring pencils, water colour, paints... or colouring books or activities, interactive art and installations, public art, or guerilla acitivies.

sketching some ideas

added one kind of text treatment ala Greg Lamarche

I decided to change the name of the project due to the amount of letters. I have always liked the look of the structure of the word metaphor and whenever I thought amount this project it was always a metaphor for something else.

I tried a more traditional cursive letter, with more emphasis on the M. I will be sketching more M's today with hope it will lead to ideas for the rest of the letters.I do hope to still use the bird on pencil illustration.


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