Langley Portraits

Langley Portraits - student project

--------------------------------------- update 2013/04/29

I can see now how this could go on and on. The more changes I make, the more I start coming up with other ideas. I did come up with another variant, and added it for fun.

For the mint one, I would like to work on it at a later date and try to get Langey & Portraits to wrap all the way around the edges without looking weird. I'll keep trying different fonts.

For the Black and White version with the L, I think the texture (gray dots) just needs to taken down a couple notches. Not quite sure how to do that.

Well, that was fun. Thanks a ton for the help!


Langley Portraits - image 1 - student project

--------------------------------------- update 2013/04/27 (b)

Rewatched the texture videos and combined a few techniques to get this. A little better, I hope.

Langley Portraits - image 2 - student project

--------------------------------------- update 2013/04/27 (a)

After getting some feedback I tried tweaking the photo corner to make it look more like a photo corner and less like a mountain - I think it works a little better.

I tried a ton of different, wider fonts to try and not track out Langley as much but I couldn't get it to work.

I like the blue version but I may have gone too far with the texture. As I'm uploading this, I see that the Y in the mint version needs a little more TLC.

Again, any feedback is really apprecitated, everyone has been quite helpful :)

Langley Portraits - image 3 - student project

--------------------------------------- update 2013/04/22

Moving forward with the circular shape I played around with some texture and colour. The blue didn't give the vintage feel I was going for so I swapped the font back to black and went with a mint background. So far, I'm most happy with the mint version.

I'm having troubles figuring out how to finish off the outer circle. I think ideally I would like a rougher, more textured edge, but I'm not quite sure.

Any feedback or comments are most welcome. Thanks!


Langley Portraits - image 4 - student project

--------------------------------------- update 2013/04/20

I have been slacking with updating this project so here it goes.

I tried a million different attempts at trying to get the text to fit within the triangular shape. Maybe it's because I had ZERO Illustrator experience before this but I ended up failing miserably. I have a newfound respect for these designers, like Evan, that can get type to work within a shape so naturally.

Eventually I gave up with the triangle all together and I ended up settling on a circle with a triangle inside. The trianglular shape is supposed to look like a photo corner...not sure if I succeeded there.

Onward, ho!

Langley Portraits - image 5 - student project
--------------------------------------- update 2013/04/15
So I'm working on a logo for a new photo project I'm starting in my hometown of Langley, Canada. It's a portrait series that will showcase the people around me that run small businesses or have a unique story to share....essentially people that add a little "something" to the community. I live in a suburb that is surrounded by farmland and quite a bit of history. I want the logo / typeface to plug into this history that is being lost to new developments, kind of a reminder of what was. Might be a tall order since I really don't know what I'm doing!
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking and please ignore any spelling mistakes!
Langley Portraits - image 6 - student project

Langley Portraits - image 7 - student project

Langley Portraits - image 8 - student project

Langley Portraits - image 9 - student projectLangley Portraits - image 10 - student project