Landscapes Make Me Wanna Dance

Landscapes Make Me Wanna Dance - student project

Collage was my first creative endeavour when I was a teen. As a person with virtually no artistic background (at least when it came to visual stuff) I loved how easily I could express a thought or a mood without needing to master a drawing or a painting technique for months beforehand. Fast forward to now - I am discovering the artist inside me once again (except basic UX/UI knowledge still pretty much a visual art noob) and collage seems once again as a way to go to express myself. This time with all the exciting possibilities that the internet and Adobe bring in the game :))


I used a photo of a landscape as a reference and traced over it with the pen tool to create masks. As for the dancer, that one comes from my other class project for the Odd Bodies Course - I drew her by hand, scanned with the Adobe Capture app with my phone and used that as a reference to trace over. When tracing the references I mostly used just straight lines rather than precise curves to create the paper cut-out look :) For the watercolour and distressed paper textures, I used free templates that come with Photoshop as a starting point.

Landscapes Make Me Wanna Dance - image 1 - student project