Landscape techniques in autumn


I'm happy with the bright colors. I like the way water mixed to make what looks like tree roots under ground when the paper buckled and paint pooled there. I might have tried to remove paint and maybe that's what made the effect. The "roots" lean right as does the grass.


This hue is not as grey as the real image but it came out this way from the scan. I didn't like it but someone who saw all my paintings for this class LOVES it so I will give it to him. I learned how to make background mountains and foreground objects appear to be their proper distances. I'll do this again.


This was fun. I feel good about the grey parts and reflection. I think I can do it again on other paintings. I discovered that I don't have a small enough brush to get as fine a line for that branch that connects the foreground with the back ground. I was more successful using black ink over the thick grey lines. I had more control and make thinner line  with black ink.


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