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Landscape & Portrait Editing Firsts

Well, I am conquering a couple firsts with this project.  This is my first project posted to skillshare and it is also my first time editing photos.  My wife is the photographer in our family and deals with all of the editing.  

The photos that I chose to edit for this project are of a trip we took to Traverse City, MI a couple of years ago and a pic of my oldest son.  

I am adjusting these photos using the Preview program.

This is the original photo on the left and the adjusted photo on the right.


I didn't change the original much.  I did brighten the photo a bit and adjust some of the shadows.

Here is the original landscape photo.

Here is the edited version.

I chose to crop this photo and eliminate some of the really dark branches on the right side of the original photo.  I also brightened this photo up quite a bit as well as add some warmth as well.  That made a nice change to the sand area.  I am a little unsure as I make changes because I dont want it to look unnatural.  

Like I said, I am very much a beginner, and I welcome any and all advice as I continue on this project.  Thanks.


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