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Landscape Design Basics: Master Plans (my first skillshare class!)

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am a Garden Coach in my free time. I often get questions about landscape design and have found so many people who have never sat down and really thought about what they want to do with their property! I think creating a Master Plan is something anyone can do and it is especially helpful for ambitious homeowners ready to make changes to their landscape.

My concerns creating this first class:

  1. I think I tend to sound like a bad marketing ploy when I try to describe my class through writing in a way that will encourage people to take it. 
  2. While I have a lot of experience teaching in person on both a 1 on 1 and crowded class situation, I have very little video taking or editing experience. I'm hoping to get a local friend's help and/or teach myself! 

Milestone 1: Start Your Class Draft

Milestone 2: Class Topic and Project

Class Topic: Landscape Design Basics: Creating a Master Plan 

Take charge of your landscape! You do not have to be a landscaping master to know what YOU want from your home landscaping. Whether you decide to Do It Yourself or have someone else Do It For You, a Master Plan is invaluable for communicating your vision and seeing it to reality. My goal is to teach your how to refine those wants into an actionable plan. A plan that you can use to guide your landscaping decisions and share with anyone you need to make your plan a reality, whether you are the kind of homeowner who wants results now or who wants to enjoy the journey! In this class we will discuss: taking stock of what you have, creating goals, constructing a basic landscape map, identifying desired zones, visualizing movement, creating balance & rhythm and putting it all together into a Master Plan. 

Class Project: Create a Master Plan for Your Home Landscape

In this class you will be designing a landscaping Master Plan. I encourage you to use your own home or that of a close friend as your subject. You'll be studying it pretty closely! (for some reason people just don't like it when a stranger walks about their yard muttering, scribbling notes and taking pictures... silly people!)

Assignment Overview

This project is broken into several smaller steps to allow you to move at your own pace. Complete 1 option (or more if you'd like) from each section and share your progress HERE.

1. Take stock of what you have & brainstorm what you want to have.

  • Take photos of assets in your landscaping
  • Share a list of what you have and what you want
  • Share a link to a pinterest board or collage of ideas for your landscaping
  • Describe landscapes you admire - include specifics about what you admire.

2. Plot out a basic outline map of your yard including major unchanging elements

  • Share or upload your basic outline. Optional: include which method you chose to create your outline map

3. Drawing "from the shoulder" identify zones & movement on your basic outline

  • Share or upload 3 different zone layouts using your basic outline. Include movement lines!

4. Drawing "from the elbow" begin to layout features of your desired landscaping

  • Using your zone layout plans, create 3 different "elbow" designs. Include movement lines and at least 3 general features for each plan

5. Drawing "from the wrist" create detail in your plan

  • Select one "elbow" design (this can be a new or previously not submitted design) and add detail "from the wrist" to your design

6. Review, revise, and finalize!

  • Visit or contact a local group that pertains to an aspect of your design. Do you want to install a pond? Visit a local small pond club. Planted beds? Talk to your local Master Gardeners or a local garden club. Share who you visited/contacted and their suggestions for your design.
  • Speak to and share a trusted friend or family member's opinion of your design. Do your kids want more playground space? Your wife or husband love the outdoor seating? 

7. Submit your finalized Master Plan!

  • Submit a final Master Plan. Optional: include a short picture or video walk through of your current landscaping and discuss the changes to that landscaping you have envisioned and plotted out on your Master Plan.

Share your project. Gain perspective.

It's easy to miss the forest for the trees while designing a Master Plan. Sharing your progress, viewing each other's progress, and commenting produces a vibrant community that rewards everyone. I cannot stress enough how important it is to share and discuss both your plans and others!

Milestone 3: Outline

In progress

Milestone 4: Your Sample Video

In progress

Milestone 5: Wrap up Filming & Start Editing Your Class

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Milestone 6: Publish Your Class

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