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Landscape & Clouds

My name is Soffia, I´m from Iceland.  I have B.A in Fine Arts, specialized in printmaking and that led me into the world of photography.  My Instagram is mostly my “Fine Art Photography” but I also upload pictures of my family and personal life once in a while to make my gallery more personal.  

What represents my style is clouds, strong colours and lots of landscape.


Iceland, taken with a 2 mp IXUS in 2002, the days when I found the 2 mp camera was grrreat!


The Icelandic mountains are full of trolls that became stone after being hit by a sunlight.  Do you see the troll?


Meðalfellsvatn, Kjós, Iceland.  This winter got very cold.


One of the most beautiful place I´ve been to, Jökulsárlón, Iceland.  


Rauðasandur, Iceland.


I live by the sea, I find the beach a facinating place.


Alaska, a place I dremt of visiting and finally did.  What a beautiful place to visit.


Trees, I also do have a thing for trees.  I used to live in British Colombia, a mecca for tree-loving photographers...


Shooting a music video...working with creative people is always fun.

Cheers and good luck to you all with your photography adventures.


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