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Landscape 1

I'm very new to landscape painting, and all my attempts so far have been pretty poor, so I'm hoping that this class will help me to improve things. 

I've struggled a bit so far, and I'm only at the thumbnail stage. I failed miserably first time around and started to get very stressed with things. After taking a break and doing a few tiny sketches just using a pen & notepad I started to get a few ideas. Of the ones I've looked at so far these are the only 2 that have stood out to me and I wanted to try rough versions out in photoshop. 

I actually quite like both ideas and think they could work with a lot of tweaking but I want to try and get a few more ideas down even if it's just to get used to this kind of workflow. Any comments or crits on what I have so far would be very welcome.

Got a couple more that I'm vaguely happy with, once again started with very small quick sketches in a notebook and then re made the ones I liked in photoshop (I'll try and scan in the notepad sketches if I can get my scanner out, it's kind of buried at the moment). 

The egg shaped objects are going to be shaped like pine cones, albeit half open/half closed. From the first thumbnail (left of the first 2) I came up with the idea that they could be a kind of glowing beacon for air ships passing through the valley so they could avoid hitting the sharp edges of the cliffs at night or in heavy fog, kind of like mini light houses. That idea kind of breaks down in the other 3 thumbnails but I do still like the idea of them glowing in some way. 


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