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Landmarked drawings of Athens kiosks

While hand drawing the map I realised there were lots of squares i hadn't visited on my short 6 day journey which I have marked in brown. With Omonia Square and my walk to Exarhia Square being marked out in kiosks.

Found this article about hand drawn maps.

The journey from Omonia Square to Exarhia Square encapulates the whole project of nearly 100 photos as part of the Non Zero sum art games exhibition in the The Art Foundation, Athens as it includes vintage, social meeting points, disregard for kiosks once used, their functionality and the variety of goods sold.

Being able to map in bite size chunks make it easier for me negoiate the project,  (my journey) around Athens, so I start with every kiosk around Omonia Square. Having drawings of photos overlayed with actual photos, just messing around as I don't know how to scale pictures to fit into each other.

As I thought about my destinations I realised that the route I drew on the map was not the path I took to Omonia Square, as I got the metro from our apartment to Omonia Square to meet one of the Greek artists. I am able to map my movements using the kiosks and the punctuation marks to plot my journey. So I know I took photos of every kiosk on the Square before having lunch on the top floor of the shopping centre. 

I liked this you tube map of places of interest within squares.

I also started to think about the destinations and what I did there or on the way, so have included those on the destination maps with a bit of Photoshop thrown in after seeing other peoples work.

Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? A gift? To showcase my favorite places?

As further research from an exhibition: The non sum zero art games a group exhibition by MART visual art  (based in Dublin) in The Art Foundation on Normanou 5. The purpose of the exhibition was to create work in situ with limited resources, time and forward planning. 

Why am I the expert to create this map? Who is my target audience? What level of detail do I need to include?

I documented my own journey around the city with my I-phone so it tells a personal journey.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is it going to be used/ held? What other 
constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward?

Both but the idea of using Photoshop is interesting as I haven't done anything like that before. 

I found a mp of Athens and drew my journeys from the gallery to the 3 different destinations. Finding this map it has 3D representional of landmarks which I find interesting and could work with the kiosk idea.

There many different archtiectural aspects to theses kiosks from the vintage and the materials used in them so I wanted to select varying features, from wood panelling in some to metal doors and mirrored insets to the more expected corrugated metal sheeting. I haven't finished them yet

In a recent exhibition as a group of artists I mapped my journey around Athens using kiosks that dot the pavement around Athens, they form the social hubs, architectural oddities as least for me living in Ireland but once used they are fogotten but are essential to the everyday lives of people living in Athens. Being shown around Athens it seemed the student area, where a lot of anarchists or anti goverment groups seem to congregate was important to my guide but I also visited squares, shopping area and of course the Acropolis.

The first day was a Sunday a lot of the kiosks were closed. There is a lot of graffitti in Athens but didn't just want the poroject to be about that.

The style of the kiosks vary, they range in vintage from new models to traditional materials

These kiosk do tell a story of the recession in Greece and give a backdrop of what is going on on the city.

They also exist as social meeting points

But once used they are forgotten. 

These images were taken with my i-phone, so they document a journey in a very linear way, going from one place  to another which is very personal to my journey and time spent in Athens with 100 pictures.


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