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My name is Arlene Whiting and I have just joined an international e-commerce company ( I have an  entrepreneurial opportunity to be part of a wealth building company. In the very near future paper money will have lost its value and I want to educate the consumer on building wealth. There is an opportunity and program for those who want to generate an income but don’t have enough money to buy a package with Karatbars ( My goal is the V.I.P. package totaling about $2,400.


With this opportunity to build residual income and educate consumers on savings and the value of gold versus paper money. I am seeking investors/donors to help me reach my goal for a V.I.P. level package which is the top affiliate level. I am building this stream of wealth to leave a legacy to my son and grandchildren. In exchange of support of $160 or more I will give a WOC (World of Charity) card  which is the equivalent of one gram of 24k gold. Helping me to pay it forward and to become a part of a growing network of wealth builders with a growing company internationally.


Finally, I am asking for your support as an investor/donor to donate $20 or more in helping me to achieve this goal. Again for donations of $160 as a way of paying it forward I will give a WOC (World of Charity) card which is the equivalent of one gram of 24k gold.

Thank You,


Arlene Whiting


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