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Paige Kwon

Freelance Graphic Designer



Land of Paradise

For this project I wanted to make a sign of the phrse "Land of Paradise". While going through some personal dilemmas, I always find lettering/calligraphy to be my "paradise". I wanted to make a sign to remind me that paradise isnt always too far away. I wanted to give it a organic and natural feel to it.

Here is my concept sketches. I was trying different layouts, but I want to keep it in a script style. Im digging the bottom left one, and might go with that and change some of the flourishes. I also like that thorny/forest look its got going on too and might expand on that theme.

After a long time of sketching and planning I decided to drop the "Land of" and just write "Paradise". Originally I was going to ink the whole thing with a dip pen, but my skill with a nib is not up to par as it should be. So I inked the word "Paradise" with pen, and did the flourishes and ornaments with a dip pen. Here is the scanned, inked version.

Although Im not entirely satisfied with some of the ornaments, I put too much work into it to do it over again. Here is the final piece!

Thank you for viewing my project!


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