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Land of Nod Inspiration


Hi there.  I'm not new to Illustrator but I wanted to see someone else's workflow and hopefully learn more.  I did!  I found this Land of Nod illustration and I can't find the artist to credit.  If you know, please tell me so I can update this with the artist's info.

My goal was to figure out how to put my deductive and puzzle solving skills to use in duplicating this piece.

Here is the composition so far.

My pattern work on the shirts didn't line up correctly, need to work on that.

I'm not quite "getting it" with the texture piece.  I usually export my file from AI as a jpg, then open that file in photoshop to apply texture.  But then it is one flat file and I need to either apply texture to the whole piece since it is flat or I use the magic wand on the base layer, create a new layer, apply texture there.  Then if there is another piece I want to apply texture to, I start the cycle over.  I've been told the missing piece is smart objects so I am researching and changing up my process.  Wish me luck. :)


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