Land of Lincoln Adventure

The few weeks that I am back in Illinois, I made a challenge to myself to try and pay better attention to what is surrounding me. I was inspired to wake up one morning and start noticing things I may have overlooked beforehand.

One object I was determined to find was a solo tree. It took some driving around the backroads, but I managed to find one.

I am used to driving by windmills and seeing them from a distance, but this time I wanted to get up close to one. I think the only way to realize how big they are is if you do just that. I wanted to photograph one because to me, it is a great representation of Illinois.

This was the first time I had seen this area, and it caught my attention instantly. I liked how the bridge could be utilized as leading lines for the rest of the image.

Probably my favorite thing about home is Chicago. I love how Chicago is capable of providing one of a kind views and its own unique atmosphere. Here are additional photos I took when I visited the Windy City.


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