Land & Sea | Skillshare Projects

Brooke Glaser

Illustrator & Designer



Land & Sea

Since I live in Hawaii, I decided to create a tropical themed pattern. 

First came sketches. Yes, I know they're messy and not on pretty paper. It helps me to sketch on lined paper, so I have less judgement of myself in the sketching stage.

I create the elements in black in white, to figure out the values and leave the colors until later. I wanted to focus on the shapes.

Next came the colors and placement in the swatch. In retrospect, I would rather have not split up the objects in my tile before adding texture.

The next step was adding texture in Photoshop. This step was important for me, as it added a bit more of my own style to this project. 

Now I've just got to work on mockups! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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