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Land Lubber's Project

So here it is guys, finished (I think!) - don't think I've ever spent as much time on anything else as I have on this - even during my degree :P so I'm pretty proud of him. Could always do more, but I think I've killed this now.....will be trying more to improve as I've never done this before and I'm pretty new to it! But thanks for all the feedback, I've really enjoyed this class and I'll start working on my others too now.


So I've FINALLY managed to start work on my project - got my inspiration board on pinterest done today :) 

I have a few ideas for my character based on my pinterest board - it's hard to decide on just one! But I've got a couple of (VERY ROUGH) sketches to share....I did these at work - don't judge me too harshly :)


My first thought was a little boy playing dress-up. Still considering this, but I have a lot more sketching to do!

I'm LOVING this guy so far - maybe I'll go for a drunken pirate! Pretty predictable though, so I'll carry on my sketches. Also thinking maybe a pirate monster - octopus legs or something - or a big fat ugly pirate woman! More to come.....

AHHHHH!!! I have decided that his other hand will be a hook covered with a sock puppet :D

GRRRR I haven't been updating this regularly enough, but I have a little time now. 

I started working on my shapes last Saturday. Not a bad start I'd say!

I transferred over to Photoshop on Monday and I've been working on him ever since. I've only had time to do little bits, but I'm aiming to have him finished by this weekend....quite happy with him so far, but I've still got a while to go!


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