Lancaster Ohio

Lancaster Ohio - student project

Coming from just a little Outside of Lancaster, Ohio, I grew up in farmland.  The good thing about that was looking around there were always great logos.  Case International, Tabaccoo signs still painted on buildings, mechanic signs, Gulf gasoline signs, old license plates laying around, you name a vintage item and you could probably find it.  With this logo I envisioned a patch on a old trucker cap lying around in a box that you might pull out of a basement of your grandparents.  Something old but strong.  My mind doesn't stay in one place long so I bounced around a lot on this one and came up with a very drifting workflow but I like how it came out.  

Lancaster Ohio - image 1 - student project

I started with a font called Sequel and started to play from there.  I didn't want a sharp edge in the name and wanted to use another font below for Ohio.  This reminded me of an old mobil gasoline patch I had seen when I was in High School.  I am not usually a fan of red but for some reason I liked it.

Lancaster Ohio - image 2 - student project

I tossed a shape around it for a badge and thought I was done.  But I had another idea....

Lancaster Ohio - image 3 - student project

I wanted to tone down how bold it was so I started to play with the colors.  When they didn't work out my mind shifted gears and I came out with this as a patch.  The colors are more atoned to the city as the main High School there goes with Blue and Gold as their colors.  I am not a fan of the exact colors they use together so I wanted to reimagine with something a little different.

Lancaster Ohio - image 4 - student project