Lamia | Skillshare Projects

Stephanie Anderson

Animation Student




Just a rough sketch after watching the first lesson. Based on things I read surrounding Lamia in various myths but I'd like to pull everything together for something unique with a few iterations. I plan on getting some references to develop the pose. Also I want to try out using the planes of the face to get her features right as it was really useful to see that in the demo!

Update 2 ----

I've decided to change her pose into something more dynamic using some references from life drawing classes. This has helped me develop her character a bit more, though I do still like my first iteration and will try to incorporate some of the emotion into my next design.

Still quite rough as I want to pin down the pose and character first but I'll finally have time in the next couple of weeks to move on to the next stage.

Update 3 ---

It's a shame I won't get this finished by May due to other projects but I'm happy with how this is progressing now in regards to her personality and over all concept.


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