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Lakeshore Dreams - Big Sky Image

Let me start by saying that this class was truly fun. I'm blown away by how much you can do today with just a mobile smartphone. Chuck Anderson's work is pretty spectacular. I'm definitely inspired and will be adding what I've learned from the class to my mobile photography toolkit.

For my project I went with the Big Sky image. I'm from central Florida, so we get some truly spectacular sunsets here, so I have plenty of those on my phone. My base image was the one on top. It's a picture I had taken recently and was actually planing on posting it as is, but thought it would work well for this project. For the bottom image I just cropped the top part with the rainy clouds and sunset peeking through it.

I used PS Touch to duplicate and mirror the Lakeshore image to get a nice symmetrical pattern and then cropped and added as a third layer the rainy, dark, sunsent cloud. I think I increased the saturation, brightness and played a bit with it until I looked right to me. I also brought them back into VSCO cam to make everything look uniform. I like the E Series too, but for these I used the M5. 

I thought it was looking pretty darn good that way. But slept on it a bit. I remembered the LensLight app and decided to give it a try. The app is really cool, but it's easy to go crazy with it, so I tried to make it as simple and as subtle as I could. 

The final result.


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