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Lakeland, Fl - The 'Hood

I currently live in Lakeland, Florida, which is located in Central Florida and is known for its many lakes and headquarters of Publix Supermarkets. Unlike most projects I have seen so far, I do not have many buildings or architecture to shoot so I have focused on the landscape of Lakeland which there is no shortage of.

I just started getting into mobile photography about a week ago (cue the shmoney dance for you hip hop listeners or vine watchers) when I got the iphone 6 and read about enhanched camera features. Most of my photos are taken in the native camera app and then edited in there as well as VSCO Cam, Snapseed, and Oggl. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to print these images on 8x10 without them being too pixelated or blurry so if anyone knows, I'd love to learn how.

Lake Hollingsworth

I was walking the lake looking for a perfect spot to shoot the sunset which didn't work out as I hoped but ran into this happening. You can see the two people who are seen on the dock rode their bikes to the lake I believe to also watch the sunset and if you look really closely, the man is one knee like a proposal although I don't believe it was. I think the photo really captures the story of the couple.


Red is a dog that I dog sit for on occasion and loves to look out the window. I snapped this photo real quick before he moved. Very minimal editing adjusting the black and white in snapseed and native IOS8 edit functions.

Lake Mirror

After getting my haircut in downtown Lakeland I decided to stop next door at Lake Mirror and found this angle to be very interesting with the gates and flags blowing in the breeze.

Across the Street

Across the street from my house is this open field where these cows live. I took the photo at sunset and used VSCO filter M5 to create the mellow mood.

My Backyard

Going for a bike ride looking for things to photograph I was really coming up empty with things around the immediate location of my house besides these orange groves which are pretty unsightly without some editing. I really liked the contrast between the grass path and the groves so I added a filter and took the brightness down on the groves so only the path was illuminated and the outcome was much better than I expected. The original photo isn't even recognizable when put side to side.

Lake Bonny

Took a walk around Lake Bonny today and found this winding dock that I liked. If the sky had no clouds I would have been a bit happier but take what you can get. I was really torn between this angle and another angle I took where the dock wraps around and ends off frame. Pretty happy nonetheless

Main Street

I just got a glif for my tripod which I highly reccomend if you do not have one currently. I took it up to the only parking garage around which overlooks main street and came across this restaurant worker crossing the street. I filtered it in the IOS native camera app and then adjusted in snapseed.

Holloway Park

I just recently found this little spot which is literally a dirt path on the side of the road. Best weather we've had in a long time so I took advantage of it with a little nature hike. I shot this with the native camera app and edited with the M5 filter in VSCO cam as well as some native camera app editing too. 


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