Lake Louise Poster

Lake Louise Poster - student project

May 26, 2013

Well got a little behind due to other commitments this week and last. Brad your videos and quick keys were super helpful! :) I have been using that toggle button between line and fill so much. Here is my piece so far. I still have to add the rooster and the font but it is getting very late. >_< Also I just realized some of my colours are off so I think I will need to adjust that..... dang

Lake Louise Poster - image 1 - student project

There is a series of posters that came out a while ago for Deer Lodge with contests in collaboration with the Calgary Farmer's Market. I loved these posters and I wish I knew who created them. I tried as I might to find the name of the illustrator for these pieces but I could not. (Sorry illustrator if you are out there). The two posters were advertising a place nearby called lake louise. This place is beautiful in the heart of the rockies with a gorgeous glacier fed lake. I love the two posters because of their humour and wit. 

I think for my project I will try to reproduce the one with the chickens. 

Lake Louise Poster - image 2 - student project

Lake Louise Poster - image 3 - student project