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Laika Fox

Update 2/19

Hey guys!

So the first thing I did was try to take Simon's advice on making the verticals more consistent, so here's my stab at that:

After I was finished though, I kept being bothered by some aspects of the composition.

I showed it to some other lettering folks in my circle, and after some crit from them, I decided that I should try a few other things before putting it to bed.

Here's what I came up with.

The K and X swashes on the original were maybe a little too unnatural?

I also disliked how the final a was sort of floating in the original. I tried to solidify the baseline and use swashes that went with that instead of against it.

I really liked the symmetry of the swashes in the original- even if the execution wasn't quite right, so I tried to get some of that feel back with the L and x in the newer composition.

I also felt the k was a little awkward, so I tried something different with that too.

I'm not sure if the F-x ligature in example C is pushing it too far or not.



Hey Skillshare!

This is a logo for burlesque performer, Laika Fox.

She wanted something scripty and retro, but with a nod to her namesake Russian space dog.

First steps

I've done a lot of lettering, and vectorizing those letters- but I've never tried to work starting with a monoline version of my letters in illustrator.

Because Simon suggested it, I decided to give it a whirl- starting with a rough monoline, then refining it before trying to add weight.

Composition & Shape

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to join the L and F together, and have the words stacked on top of each other. I played around a little with the idea of making the letter into a heart shape, as you can see starting to come together in the version below:

Ultimately, I wasn't super stoked on that, so I kept modifying how things went together.

It wasn't until I pulled the tail of the X outward to mirror the tail of the K on top that I felt it started coming together.

Refining the letters

At this point, I really wanted to spend some time refining the letterforms- especially how the swashier bits terminated. I also added a starburst shape as the dot on the i, so the tail of the K it connects to would look somewhat comet-ish.

Texture and finishing touches

I went kind of simple with the finishing, just some texture and a circle.

I'd love to hear more ideas on what else I could do without overdoing it!


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