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Dominic Dina

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Laest Footwear

Name: Dominic Dina

Brand: laest

Slogan: on your feet

Location: Chicago, Illinois

The brand I am creating for this project is called læst. This is a word derived from the Old Norse word leistr meaning "sole." Currently this word is used to describe the mold a shoe is built on, in this context it is commonly spelled last

I find that this name is fitting for a footwear centered apparel brand since it is named after the quintessential foundation for all footwear. The logo I have created for the brand is focusing on the æ character, making it look like the knotted laces on a pair of shoes.

I am planning on incorporating Nordic culture into the brand as well as cues from my home city, Chicago.

[a little about myself, just in this paragraph, so you can skip it and you won't miss anything important] I am a 20 year old Industrial Design student with a Footwear Design focus. I study at the University of Illinois, though I will be sudying at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK this upcoming semester. As a footwear designer I have 5 years experience, last summer I was a finalist in the Pensole Future of Footwear program, recognizing me as one of the top 10 aspiring footwear designers from around the world ( The past year I haved worked as a freelance designer, mostly on footwear projects, but some clothing as well. I am taking this class to help me grow as a designer, I'm hoping to learn more about branding and apparel design. 

This is my current Illustrator mock-up of the logo.

The font I've found that I like for the brand, it needs to be cleaned up, but this is where I am currently at.

The slogan "on your feet" is not only a usage suggestion for the footwear, it also represents standing tall, planting your feet and being the last man standing.

In regards to how I was thinking of incorporating the branding in with footwear, I wanted to have the text based logo on the side of the shoe, and the logo on the sole. I wanted the red line to be a recurring motif in the collection, so I have it on the sole as well as the tongue. The footwear would be casual street wear to compliment the clothing, which I am imagining would be t's, hoodies and everything in between.

This is a design from a different project, but I put the upper on the laest tooling. I'm also exploring ways of having the ae logo on the upper. The idea behind the bold strap is that this would be a casual biking shoe, the elastic band wraps over the shoe and keeps the laces out of the bike gears.

Some thoughts for how to display the logo and name on a shirt.

Concept for a laest hoodie. The hoodie would lace up similar to a retro hockey sweater, the wearer could swap out different color laces to match the shoes they're wearing.

New text logo, any suggestions on ways to improve this would be great.

Laest softball jerseys.

I distressed a few of the logo's i like the most.

One of my grandfathers owned a meat packing company here in Chicago. I was in University Village yeserday and walked past the current meat packing store front of one of his partners from back in the day, the sign out front reminded me of the meat diagrams you'll see in a butchers shop. This inspired me to make some Stock Yards themed graphics, a nod to the famous Yards of Chicago.

I had an idea for a fleece quarter zip with a breast pocket, abraision resistant material on the shoulders and collar.


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