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Ladybug, ladybug

I am relatively new to hand lettering and am doing it more as a hobby than anything else.  For this project I choose the ladybug for my animal.  When my youngest daughter was a baby her nickname was "Babybug" and I have had a thing for them ever since. With this project I really tried to incorporate as may aspects that  were recommended in the class as possible into each variation.   All in all I have really enjoyed this class and it's challenges.  If I were to do this again I might pick a different animal or phrase sonce the one I used starts out Ladybug, Ladybug... 


This is a postcard my mother sent me from a trip she took last summer that is part of my inspiration.


Here are some more of my lady bug inspiration including some floral artwork with ladybugs, pictures of various ladybug varieties and some ladybug inspired artwork.


Included with my inspiration here is some ladybug inspired jewelry and accessories, a ladybug book and some layout examples from advertisements.


This inspiration is of some completed layouts and examples I found online of varuois lettering styles of the same word in multiple ways. 


I've included my somewhat limited brainstorming work above here.  There is a second page to my brainstorming that is not posted here.



In the four examples for the word "Ladybug" I've used a different font for each example: one is a flowing script with multiple ladybugs crawling throughout it; another is a fairly basic and possibly bland font with the spots of a ladybug on the letters; third is a more decorative font with some additional embellishments; and the last is very heavily embellished with vines, leaves and ladybugs throughout. 


I welcome any input good or bad here.  I've also toyed with the idea of trying "Ladybug" in two different fonts but am not sure how that would work out with both words being together at the vary beginning of the phrase.   In one of my thumbnails I did try using a single "L' in the drop cap style to begin the phrase.

As of yet I have not completed a final sketch, however once I have I will try to post it too.  Then in my thumbnail sketches I have tried to greatly vary and stretch my imagination so that each sketch isn't the same (it's not as easy as it seems). 


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