Lady Svetlana's Herbal Tea

Lady Svetlana's Herbal Tea - student project

I've always was impressed with hand-lettering, but never was courageous enough to incorporate it in my work. I'm an illustrator and animator by trade and I especially enjoy working with watercolor. My goal for the following weeks would be to try and do a blend exactly of all these things: hand-lettering, illustration and watercolor. This is certainly my first serious endeavor with lettering, so any contructive feedback is very much welcomed!

One of the thing I love to drink is tea, so I thought that this product would be perfect for my label project! Through my research for the moodboard, I came across some amazing illustrated tea tins. Some could actually become a piece of atwork in a kitchen! While I understand that I must create something that will put the product in the spotlight, I would also like to figure out a way to combine this with the possiblity of giving a second life to the container of this particular product by making it a piece of artwork that a client could consider keeping. (both eco-friendly and a great way to keep promoting the product itself without spending a dime!)  Somehow I feel that creating just the right label is the way to go!

I also have to consider carefully the types of containers for tea. Most of the tea shops I go to have both the option of tins and plastic bags. The perfect label would be one that fits both formats if possible! Or maybe a wrap-around label for the tin and a sticker for the bag, but both consistent in style.

Lady Svetlana's Herbal Tea - image 1 - student project


My moodboard includes both vintage tins and actual designs. I would really love to do that's got a mix of both. A vintage feel that would still look like it was done today? I have no clue if that is possible, or if I have the skills to make it work, but I will try my best!

Lady Svetlana's Herbal Tea - image 2 - student project


While this was the hardest part for me so far in the project, it was still the most fun too!  I tried my best to come up with 3 different ideas, but somehow, I look at it all and it all feels like too similar. I wanted to keep the design light and whimsical so that it would best fit with watercolor. My greatest struggle was definitely doing the lettering itself. I have no notions of how to do it right, no techniques nor much knowledge of which types of fonts are better for this project. If I want to clean up one version, I will definitely have to do some research before I tackle it!

Lady Svetlana's Herbal Tea - image 3 - student project

Cleaning up the sketch

This last part was definitely the hardest. I haven't managed to do it right. I haven't even managed to finish. My lettering is uneven in thickness, in style, in spacing. I am not sure how to actually all do this. Because of all this, it was impossible for me (for now) to submit something completely finished as I had hoped for. I still took a work in progress screen shot of it though! 

Lady Svetlana's Herbal Tea - image 4 - student project