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Lady Fox

Hello everyone!

I decided to create a female character named Lady Fox. Maybe she's a spy during war, or she is shy young girl, or brave and wild woman. I'm not sure yet, but that's my first try to create a character, so any feedback will be appreciated.

So this is my first stage: Thumbnails.

Thanks ^_^

Ok, so now here is the second stage. Making some anatomy and poses check.

After that it was very hard to choose which of these to refine...  But thanks to you guys and your feedback I decided to refine poses 2,4,5,6 and 9 :) I've searched on the web for many victorian dresses and clothes. It appears that there are so many kinds and variations, that I could dress my lady with many interesting styles. First I started with a very fast outline so I could better imagine how she has to look like.


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