Lady B.Grey Candle Co.

Lady B.Grey Candle Co. - student project

I have made an imaginary candle company for this project (it would be lovely to make it actually happen someday). Lady B.Grey Candle Company is derived from my artist pseudonym of sorts: Lady Grey Illustration and Design. The company would produce candles that are made of recycled and sustainble materials, but most notably hand-blown glass jars made of dark amber and violet glass. The mood of the company would be enigmatic and ladylike; dark and feminine. I enjoy things that are made by hand with qualities that differ from each individual product, making the items unique. Due to the organic shapes I would hope to acheive from each candle as well as encouraging reuse of the glass jar, I chose not to have labeling on the actual candle glass but only on the outside of the round shaped packaging. Below you will find a moodboard that establishes the look and feel of the product a bit more:

Lady B.Grey Candle Co. - image 1 - student project

For the product label (& company influence) I was inspired by early 20th century design (Edwardian Era, Art Nouveau, Art Deco) because those early years marked a lot of change and new freedoms for women. I looked mostly at cosmetic ads and packaging from these times. I like the look of elegant, flourishing scripts and filigree designs with serifed type for secondary information. I hope to incorporate more of a handmade feel than some of the labels, and I am toying with the idea of illustrating a lady with borders like some of the examples below:

Lady B.Grey Candle Co. - image 2 - student project

I look forward to your feedback!

Bridgette Blanton

Illustrator/Graphic Designer