Ladle & Spoon

Ladle & Spoon - student project

Big Idea:

Lanch my start-up company as a mobile gourmet soup purveyor.


Ladle & Spoon is a line of thoughtful and healthy gourmet soups. It will be available at local grocers and farmers markets. The menu will change seasonally to incorporate farm fresh produce. It is more than soup but an extension of family and community. 

We want to enhance the lives of our customers and save them valuable time by providing them easy access to fresh quality soup. Our goal is to present our customer with a fresh and delicious product to enjoy themselves or share with others.

The quality seasonal ingredients we use make all the difference. Wether its a fresh cool soup in summer or a warm bowl of comfort in the winter. Last year we experimented with over 100 soups with inspiration from all over the world. Each week we offer a selected soups for our customers to choose from based on their taste and needs.


My biz is: A soup purveyor

It sells: Fresh, hand crafted, seasonal variety of soups 

To: People who care about what they eat, who want a quick, easy, wholesome alternative.

I do this because: The joy of sharing soup and making life a little easier for busy people.

It benefits others because: 
Our goal is to provide our customer with fresh, thoughtfully prepared and delicious soup. We want to nourish and enrich the bellies and lives of our customers. Easy to pick up at your local farmers market to enjoy or share.

Model Aspects:

The best companies that sell a similar service or product are:
Karl's Craft Soup - Chicago
Soup Cycle - Portland
The Soup Peddler - Austin
The Soup Girl - Connecticut
Lucy's Ravioli - Princeton
The Mantry- Online

What are they doing that's so special:
Providing a "slow food" soup in a quick efficient way. 
They have repeat customers by creating monthly subscriptions. 
They utilize local grocers and farmers markets as a marketplace
Their branding is strong, appeals to masculine market
Provide Delivery
Provide small marketplace
More enjoyable shopping experience, less overwhelming.

The best companies that solve a similar business problem are:
La Brea Bread
Dominico's Foods 

What are they doing that is so special?
They provide to large restaurants as a large portion of business. They also go direct to consumer at local farmers markets as a prepared food. They are a recognizable brand.