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Ladislas Chachignot

Designer / Illustrator / France



Ladislas 's Illustration and Graphic design portfolio (+ Behance profile)

Hi everyone, My name is Ladislas , i'm a French illustrator and Graphic designer work works freelance owning my studio for 5 years.

I used to split my time between 2 passions: music and design for years and i recently stopped music to concentrate on my Art skills and be able to work and evolve as an illustrator and Artist. 

I've joined this skillshare class because i would like to share my universe , have your advices and tips to improve . I think showing it to creatives like me is a good way to get some interesting advices.

1) Here is my Online portfolio/website :

    Here is my Behance profile :

2)  You can see some few screenshots of my website to show the main pages and organization :

Portfolio page


Presentation of each project :


About me page : (FR + EN)


Contact page :


My behance profile page :


Behance Project presentation :


3) I've created my website using wordpress editors because it offered me ways to create something well coded and very customisable to reflect what i wanted. I've tried to keep it simple and at the same time it reflects what i am in terms of visual tastes and identity. I've created a home page  + portfolio page + blog + about me + contact page ( classic pages for a website i think ?) 

I've also created a behance pages about a year ago.

Since then i've tried to developp it and use it as a way to get more noticed but i'm strugguling with it, i can't seem to get my projects seen by people even if i'm trying to present them in a good way fill all the fields like tags and share them on several social networks and also being active on the network. Even  my latest projects get only a bunch of views and i don't understand why. Maybe you could help me get more nocticed with your advices / tips ? 

Thanks for taking the time to check out this project.

If you're interested in my work feel free to join me on instagram too i post "visual slices of life" on it :



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