Ladder - image 1 - student projectLadder - image 2 - student projectBuild a platform that can help students in their teen years saving up for college by doing social good and volunteering work.


Help students build their own scholarship.


- Connect students to local NGOs

- Provide partial college funding and relief from college debt

- Provide NGOs with Ladder - image 3 - student projecta steady and reliable supply of volunteers


List of activities

  1. Create a volunteer profile
  2. Edit volunteer profile
  3. Functioning Points system
  4. Create NGO profile
  5. Search and Match functionality




  1. Encash the points earned
  2. Goal setting for student
  3. Invite parent/friends to donate points
  4. Show volunteer training video
  5. Redeem points and pay for college
  6. Specific skill training
  7. Company donate the idea
  8. Company marketing channels
  9. Teach and verify teenager’s skills
  10. Rating system for volunteer & NGOs
  11. CSR Companies get a chance of hiring an intern from their set of volunteer
  12. Certification for volunteering kids