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Labels for my Home Brew Beer - or in this case, Hard Apple Cider


Well here's the deadline and I've been so busy with another project that I haven't worked on this beyond sketches. HOWEVER, I've been working on something in the same style I intend to use for my labels, so I'm posting a photo for feedback. Try to imagine this style of drawing, simple 3 to 4 color image (including paper color) designed to be screen printed. I'd love any constructive criticism anyone has about the colors, the suitablity of this style to my product, etc! 

The photo I'm posting is of a print I did as a fundraiser for my hometown's festival in Waterford, PA. I live in Colorado now, but I wanted to help, so this is what I came up with. If you're curious about this project (Or want to buy a poster & support my little town) you can learn more here:

Ha! It's sideways, but I'm late for work so it will have to do! Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks.

Thank you JON CONTINO for putting this class together. You're one of my illustration idols, and I'm thrilled to get tips from you.

I'm posting a few very basic sketches of lettering and labels below.

I'm posting a TON of inspirations here as my mood board. Overkill, perhaps. But serious eye candy. 

I'm designing a label for my homebrew. In this case, it's not a beer (and therefore technically not a brew), but a hard apple cider. 

You see, I have curly hair, and my neighbor Nickie has curly hair and we both have apple trees - but different kinds. I mean, different kinds of curls and different kinds of apples. So last year I made a hard cider using my tart apples (I have really curly hair) and her sweet apples (she's got more than a wave, but less curl than I have). Hence the name of the concoction: "2 Curly Girls' Twisted Apple Cider." 

I am very inspired by another Colorado Craft Brewer, O'Dell's out of Fort Collins. Many of the photos I'm posting on my Mood Board are of their labels: all have hand-drawn. I'm super impressed when people can make incredible designs with a limited number of colors. I love things that are made by hand, especially when they have a tactile quality missing in so much of modern design: recycled and/or handmade papers, silk-screened images instead of digitally printed on machines, etc!

In addition to our amazing instructor, Jon, and whoever does the O'Dell's Labels, I'm very excited by the work I see from Hatch Show Prints (particularly contemporary posters), Jessica Hishe, Loise Fili, and many others. Even my classmate in school, Brandon Arthur Roth - I'll bet you've never heard of him but look him up - he's wicked talented. 

I have made some very simple labels for our brews, which I posted to my school portfolio (, but I'm ready to take it to the next level! I can't wait to get feedback from all of you!

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