Ok, this is a bit silly, but should be fun.

I love to cook and I learned from my dad how to make jam.  It's mainly fruit, sugar, and pectin.  But when I'm all done, 1) I don't know how it stacks up other jams from a calorie/nutrition standpoint, and 2) I need to create some labels to know what it is.

I plan on creating an interface that will allow a jam maker to pick the ingredients they used, their quantities, and select the size of the jar, and I will create the labels with nutrition info, calories, and the name of the jam.


I started to wireframe this thing out using the Free version of JuistinMind's Prototyper.

To take a look at what I've done thus far, go here - 


The logic portions don't work, and it ain't pretty, but it's pretty straightforward.

What do you think?



I've started to push out what I've gotten thus far onto Heroku.  You can take a look here - arcane-crag-1398.herokuapp.com


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