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Gina MacKay

Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Maker



Label Design: Screen Door Textiles


Screen Door Textiles is a small start-up owned and operated by a young designer currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. While she has spent the last several years as a textile designer for a few different companies, she is now ready to branch out on her own.

Her look is young, fresh and feminine. Her designs use a lot of colour and yet maintain a certain sophistication. 

The branding she has requested has a hand-made look to it, yet will maintain a high-end feel. I picture the final outcome being feminine and simplistic, using mostly nudes and perhaps a few muted pastels. I believe the labels should be more or less simple in contrast to her brightly-coloured textiles.

Specifics: She would like  her textiles to be sold in individual cloth bags with ties at the top. The branding will also require: a detachable hang-tag, washing instructions, and a cloth tag with her logo etc.

Here's what I've gathered for a mood board. 


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