LaQueenie Art Sans Serif Business Card | Skillshare Projects

Reyna S.

Graphic Designer



LaQueenie Art Sans Serif Business Card

Project I

I laid out my information several ways. I had place holder for my logo till I made one.

Here's the infomation with the place holder logo. I also played around with the weight of font of my skills.

Here's another.

In Spanish my name means queen, so I created a crown for my logo. I chose to use Futura for my font, and changed the rest of the information to the same font.

I tried changing the orientation of the card, but I didn't like it.

I changed the orientation back to landscape and ended up liking this layout.

I went back to change the card because I wasn't too crazy about the card being cut in half and after feedback from a colleague I went back and made the blue space narrower.


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