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For this project I randomly went to my ipad photo library (I usually process all the mobile / Fuji shots with my ipad leaving the serious Full frame shots to the computer).

Here are the 3 shots I chose, as I felt the perspective, composition and subject were prone to be good for some layering:

This is Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Love this street for its gorgeous perspective. My favourite in Paris.

Those two shots were taken last week end end in a park near my flat in Brussels. Beautiful foggy mood. 

Those 3 shots were processed using VSCOcam. I only started to use this software a few weeks ago. I'm soo hooked to it now. It really stepped up the quality of my mobile photography.

Actually discovered VSCOcam, and decided to give it a go after hearing the Life + Limb podcast of Chuck Anderson, with Joel Flory & Greg Lutze, its creater. Highly recommanding this podcast too!

Anyway, now on to the processing & tweaking!

First on the Paris shot:

I cropped it, duplicated the layer, mirrored horizontally, and lighten fusionned them to get this:

I cleared the duplicated lines on the building

For the 2 other shots:

Same process, duplication, mirroring, layering for the first to get this:

For the last shot, I was really interested in the women jogging, so I isolated her using graduated filter, and add a little flare to make her pop a little.

Then all I had was to merge everything together. 

Again using lightening to really take advantage of:

- the similarity of the foreground (concrete and lines)

- the difference of the background: white sky in the middle and trees on both corners, against white sky in the corners and the building is in the middle.

I got this:

Then onto VSCOcam again, to make it "pop" a little, adding contrast, saturation and using one of the E series filter. (thanks Chuck, I bought them after viewing this class. Loving them!).

Here is the final result:

That's it!

Hope it wasn't too long of a description :)

Loved Chuck's class. Would definitly like to see more!

It basically showed me ways to process easily and with great results the day to day shots. I love just going out and shot stuff, so now I can really take advantage of all this material, AND be really creative with it. Not just tweak exposition and stuff, but create whole new pieces.

Plus as I'm getting into photoshop now (I know...only now), Photoshop Plus offers a really simple way to just do what I have in mind but that I would not necessarily know how to do on my computer (or that would take me aaaaaaaages today).

Anyway, Chuck if you're reading this, thanks a lot, really inspiring and lots of great tips all over your class!

Would definitly like to see more, maybe getting a little bit more hardcore processing on computer? :)

Here are some other stuff I did those last few days (not all are finished):

If you want to see more please use:

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